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  • Can I have just one shirt made?
    Due to the time and cost it takes to set up a job, a handful of shirts is not ideal to print. We require a minimum of 12 shirts.
  • What picture format do I need to send for racecars, vehicles, etc.?"
    Vector format photos work the best for us. Photos downloaded from the Internet will not work.
  • Can I use the Design Studio on my mobile device?
    As of now, the Design Studio is not ideal to use on mobile devices. It is best to use a desktop computer to create your masterpieces!
  • Do you print shirts other than for racing?
    YES! We print for all sorts of occasions. We are heavily involved with local schools, businesses, activity groups, and more. We print and ship nationwide!
  • What determines the price of a garment?
    The price of a shirt is determined by the quantity ordered, the number of inks (colors) used, and the number of locations printed (front, back, sleeves, tag, etc.).
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